the away team





Penny began her career in music performing solo - piano and vocals - in coffee houses and colleges. On her way back from touring Japan, Penny met up with guitarist Ben Hurley, in Hawaii. There, they recorded the album "In a Light Garden" released on Global Pacific/CBS. They made their way to England, where their band "White Feather" was signed to Warner/Chappell, adding Tony Bodene on drums.

Upon her return to the US, she met Nik Green, keyboardist with the Geffen band “Blue Murder”, and they formed the Away Team in 1994. The Away Team was featured in Unconventional Tour 2008, a “mashup of media, music and politics” performing in major cities in the USA, and continues to perform primarily at festivals, small theaters, and special events. Penny has also produced rap, thrash metal, punk, country with teens as part of Gang Prevention through the Arts in southern California.

Penny is a founding member of People to People TV, has directed and produced numerous commercials, shorts and several feature documentaries including awarding winning “Electile Dysfunction” and “911 Dust and Deceit”. In addition to performing her music in the Away Team, her cartoon character Little Savage makes a bid for the Presidency every 4 years but the other cartoon always wins.



The Away Team "Aliens on Line" "Topsy Turvy World" 2011 Quirky Electronic Pop, Female Vocals, weird ambience, trippy, grooves, music for and by aliens . . . ..