Away Team on Talk Radio WOND AM in Atlantic City

Local recording artists “The Away Team” were featured in a talk radio interview on the The Dave Delaney Show which is the #1 news/talk station New Jersey.

Fight Cloud music founder Jack Scalfani, Penny Little of The Away Team,plus two other artists signed to a FightCloud distribution deal, discussed the state of the music industry, songwriting, new models for music distribution, the trials and tribulations of being a musician today, with Talk Show host Dave Delaney at WOND at 1400 on the AM dial.The music of The Away Team, Ken Glaser and Glenn Scott Lacey were featured during afternoon at WOND.

Hollywood film & TV composer Glenn Scott Lacey is co-producing a debut album with R&B singer Kayla Parker.whose credits include songwriting for Michelle of Destiny’s Child.

The Delaney Show on WOND 1400AM in Atlantic City features interviews with various national guests and covers South Jersey and the Delaware shore.

The electronic pop duo The Away Team recently signed a promotional and on-line distribution deal with FightCloud. is a website that launched last summer and is offering music fans free CDs by independent artists with a $4.95 charge for shipping and handling. (as reported in the Daily Egyptian July 2001)

"This is the next logical step after Napster," said Los Angeles-native Scalfani, who worked for years in the entertainment industry before he decided to launch this site with the help of his brother, Charles.

"What record companies are doing now is insane," Scalfani said. "Two things that kill the industry are greed and ego. They should realize that they can't force the market anymore."

Penny Little commenting on the state of the industry: “Independent artists are looking for new tools and ways to find our audience. I was signed to Warner Brothers UK, which many artists would view as success -- but most people don’t know that to break even you need to sell half a million albums, and that a very small percentage of signed artists are ever promoted according to their contract. “

Nik Green, keyboardist with The Away Team, whose credits include recording, touring and engineering albums with Roy Harper, Jimmy Page, The Firm, Blue Murder, and The Really Schmaltzy Caberet Boys, added: “The party is over, the free-for-all gravy train is derailed and the media giants are scuffling for their bottom lines.”

“Corporations in all areas of business have had record profit margins in the past ten years, they feel that any change down from these unrealistic performances towards reality is a sign of failure. The evidence of this is when you hear of so many big companies making record profits and at the same time laying off thousands of workers to maintain shareholder expectations of these unsustainably freak returns. Big record labels are dumping even their biggest artists such as Mariah Carey. These days it is impossible for a working musician to ignore the state of the industry because it is in flux. There are many people who start to tut-tut and roll their eyes when musicians and creative people invoke politics to justify and illustrate their lot. To paraphrase Frank Zappa when he says, 'Does humor belong in music', the question begs itself, 'Does politics belong in music.' I feel it’s a very firm yes, not just as a subject matter for songs, but for the artist to be aware of in his or her everyday business dealing because their careers are on the chopping block.”