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Away Team News and Updates

The Away Team is in Black Cat Studios mastering their latest album "Topsy Turvy World". As part of their promotional campaign, working with the Feal Good Foundation, proceeds from the first 100 CDs will be gifted to help the first responders of 9/11. Check it out here.

In the Studio


Penny Singing "Wild Wild Land"


Nik adding some keyboard parts.


The Away Team live at the Heartland Cafe in Chicago.

Live in Tulsa

Unconventional Tour: Political music, speeches, films, public gatherings from September 26-November 4. Check it out here!


Penny Little released a new edition 2008 of her film "Electile Dysfunction" about the problems with electronic voting machines, and problems with the way we cast our votes in the United States today.

The potential for democracy is at risk, and although vote hacking and corruption is nothing new, the new machines provide an unprecedented means to change an election electronically. The voting process still needs to be examined and fixed.

Penny Austin

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