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Now and Ever Shall Be


The late Nik Green's album "Now and Ever Shall Be: Dream Dances from the Space-Time Continuum" was completed by Penny Little. These musical journeys are orchestral arrangements, now released for global digital distribution through CD Baby.
  Topsy Turvy World Album Topsy Turvy World  
"Imagine Stevie Nicks going gaga with the electronica and dance music. See, for THE AWAY TEAM it’s a topsy turvy world and we just happen to live in it." - NME Music Finds. "Topsy Turvy World" is available is available at CD and on iTunes
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"Tuneful exploration into electronic pop, somewhere between radio friendly and out there: weird ambience, fun grooves, swirly electronica" – Carla Scaletti, Symbolic Sound.

"Aliens on Line" can be found at CD Baby.



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"TAT is music I never tire of. The album holds together as a whole and each piece stands on its own, a sign of true craftpersonship. Chock full of delightfully pleasing motifs and "scherzi" (which I hope is plural for scherzo), I salute this beautifully written, engineered and produced gem of an album - a must for your eclectic collection!"

--Reviewer: Bart Woolery




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The Away Team "Aliens on Line" "Topsy Turvy World" 2011 Quirky Electronic Pop, Female Vocals, weird ambience, trippy, grooves, music for and by aliens . . . ..