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The Away Team was formerly the project of Nik Green and Penny Little.When Nik Green died on March 13, 2016, the project was abandoned until Penny decided to regroup, and reinvent a new AWAY TEAM, a collaboration with other artists and musicians.

The latest Away Team album "Runnin' in the Rain" is official being released December 7. This collection of political songs includes a couple collaborations with lyricist Carrie Topliffe, "Raise Your Voice Up" and "Say His Name."with Penny composing, arranging, singing, producing.

"Runnin' in the Rain" also features Nik Green posthumously on some tunes Penny had written and recorded in 2015. Nik had secretly played keyboard parts which were uncovered in the process of going through the old song files. Guitarist Ben Hurley is featured on the single "See Through Your Heart". Penny and Ben were signed to Warner Brothers UK as "White Feather" in the late 80's.

The album cover with a sunflower with the earth as the center was inspired by the song "All the Angels" which was about Fukushima. Little says “The Sunflower image with the earth in the center represents hope and where I hope the future will go if we as a species are successful.”

Sunflowers were used near Chernobyl after the 1986 nuclear accident o extract radioactive cesium from contaminated ponds, also used in Japan after Fukushima..


"Now and Ever Shall Be" is available for digital distribution worldwide on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and signed copies (aka souvenirs) will be available on this site shortly.

There is a Memorial Site

The Away Team formed in 1994 when Nik Green who played with TRSC Boys, Roy Harper, Jimmy Page, Blue Murder, teamed up with Penny "Little Savage" former singer for Warner/Chappell band White Feather. Since then The Away Team has performed as a duo, a trio with Chapman Stick™ player James Fanning, and a five piece with additional players on drums and percussion. For the Unconventional Tour 2008, the Away Team was joined by various musicians onstage in their 8 major cities, 7200 mile tour of the US. Featuring the vocals and lyrics of songwriter Penny Little, combining elements of rock, pop, ambient, country, and "out there", the Away Team doesn't fit neatly into a box. Both Nik and Penny are keyboardists who come from classical backgrounds and ended up in signed heavy rock bands . The Away Team has performed at large rallies, festivals and events, including the Rolling Thunder Democracy Tour in Santa Barbara, Summer Solstice Festival, anti-war demonstrations, clubs, house parties, salon concerts..... Click on Penny Little or Nik Green images to find out more . . . . .







The Away Team "Aliens on Line" "Topsy Turvy World" 2011 Quirky Electronic Pop, Female Vocals, weird ambience, trippy, grooves, music for and by aliens . . . ..