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  cover art by Andrew Lewandowski


Topsy Turvy World

Mobilized, energized and un-homogenized, pop duo The Away Team bring heart and soul to their danceable and quirky pop. Keyboardist Nik Green played with TRSC Boys, Roy Harper, Jimmy Page, Blue Murder, before teaming up with Penny "Little Savage" former singer for Warner Brothers UK band White Feather.

Former White Feather Guitarist Ben Hurley, who lives in Hawaii, is a special guest on the album which has been recorded remotely in two locations -- Hawaii and in Southern California, with videos being shot in both locations. By "remotely" we mean that no one actually left home. We sent CDs and mp3 files back and forth, and kept updates and progress on a wiki page and in our Pledge Music campaign.

This album began in the summer 2009 and originally was going to consist of the political material from the Unconventional Tour 2008. Some of the songs from that tour have ended up on the album, but the majority are more personal songs written by Penny.

The "Unconventional Tour" will continue in 2011 with a mashup of media, audience participation, spoken word, humor, politics which promises to be provocative, fun and entertaining.

To arrange for a house concert, or find out when and where The Away Team will be in your area, send us an email. Our schedule for touring begins in the late summer 2011.




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